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Evaluation, measurement, and verification (EM&V) services need to determine if a program meets its goals in terms of energy or water savings, cost reduction, customer value, and co-benefits like emissions reductions and bringing equity to an underserved community. Our teams know that a good EM&V program will provide accountability for the past investment, certainty for future investments, and identify improvements for planned investments.  

Frontier has experts in field monitoring for technologies that range from countertop commercial kitchen appliances to community-scale CHP systems. We collect and analyze data from plugs in a kitchen to anaerobic digesters at a dairy farm. We also measure and validate emerging and developing construction techniques and building systems to understand their potential in future building codes and conservation programs.  

Our Utility Regulatory and Consulting team serves as an independent evaluator and regulatory advisor in 11 states. We help create technical reference manuals based on real-world data and extensive modeling, and then measure actual savings to deemed savings in a variety of homes and climates.

Case Studies

CHP Feasibility Study

Combined Heat and Power Feasibility Study

Applied technology evaluation services
Deemed Savings Engine

Deemed Savings Engine

Applied technology evaluation services
Solar Sheep

Solar Program EM&V and Analysis

Program consulting, design, implementation, energy services
Distributed Generation - CHP Integrated Data System

Distributed Generation/CHP Integrated Data System

Applied technology evaluation services
LED lightbulb install

Technology Impacts

Clean energy transition, Program consulting, design, implementation, energy services
Food Service Demo

Food Service Technology Center

Clean energy transition

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