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  • Bevilacqua-Knight
  • CDH Energy
  • Davis Energy Group
  • Energy Insight
  • Fisher-Nickel
  • Frontier Associates
  • Frontier Energy


  • 1981

    Bevilacqua-Knight was established.

  • 1981

    Davis Energy Group was established.

  • 1984

    Davis Energy Group pioneered the use of plastic pipes for radiant heating and cooling systems and eventually formed the Radiant Professionals’ Alliance.

  • 1986

    Betty Ferlin spearheaded a small project at the PG&E Company cafeteria kitchen to measure the energy consumption of commercial cooking appliances. The goal was to provide PG&E's customers with information to help them evaluate technically innovative cooking appliances and make informed equipment purchases.

  • 1987

    Don Fisher and Judy Nickel signed on as the project's principals. The Production Test Kitchen became a reality as a new concept in commercial cooking appliance testing. It's a showplace for state-of-the-art commercial cooking appliances, a center for communicating information about new technologies, and stimulates continued research and development of innovative new appliances.

  • 1989

    Davis Energy Group formed an ACT2 team and built a home with advanced materials that reduced energy use by 70%.


  • 1990

    The success of the Production Test Kitchen led to the build-out of a facility committed to foodservice equipment energy research, the Food Service Technology Center (FSTC). Helmed by the Fisher-Nickel team, FSTC started to develop ASTM standard test methods for commercial foodservice equipment starting with fryers and griddles.

  • 1994

    Davis Energy Group was one of four Department of Energy Build America teams.

  • 1994

    CDH Energy, named after founders Steve Carlson, John DeFrees, and Hugh Henderson, started in the top of a garage. Shortly thereafter, the New York team relocated to downtown Cazenovia, and finally to the current hilltop office in 2006.

  • 1990s

    CDH Energy started to install data loggers and instrumentation to field monitor performance in geothermal heat pump systems in homes, commercial buildings, and thermal energy networks.

  • 1995

    Frontier Energy, Vice President of BREC, Adam Walburger joined CDH Energy.

  • 1998

    After six years in the U.S. Navy and seven years as an energy management consultant, Frontier Energy Vice President of IC&I, Matt Haley began his own business. His one-man firm eventually became Energy Insight, providing energy efficiency services to primarily commercial and industrial customers, and helping utilities across Minnesota implement energy conservation programs for their end-use customers.

    Energy Insight team 1998

  • 1999

    Frontier Associates was established.


  • 2000

    FSTC launched and continued to benchmark the energy performance of commercial appliances and provide technical support for fledgling utility rebate programs. FSTC began to test and promote emerging, energy-saving technologies in foodservice, such as combination convection/steamer ovens.

  • 2004

    The New York team conceived and developed what is now the NYSERDA Distributed Energy Resources Performance Data portal. Since then, they have continuously added new features and worked to expand the behind-the-scenes data systems to handle an increasing number of sites—which today includes 347 CHP, ADG, and fuel cell projects with both electric and thermal data; 780 solar projects; and 26 energy storage projects.


  • 2012

    FTSC celebrated 25 years of energy efficiency in commercial foodservice with a 3-day symposium attended by over 150 of the country's top foodservice industry professionals. The event focused on the advancements in energy efficiency since the inception of the FSTC, and where foodservice energy and water efficiency is headed in the future.

  • 2015

    Davis Energy Group designed the energy systems for Mutual Housing at Spring Lake, the first (and only) zero net energy affordable multifamily property. The project earned the prestigious World Habitat Award presented in partnership with the United Nations in 2018.

  • 2017

    Frontier Associates was acquired by GTI International, a subsidiary of the Institute of Gas Technology.

  • 2017

    Bevilacqua-Knight, Davis Energy Group, and Fisher-Nickel merged to form Frontier Energy.

  • 2018

    CDH Energy and Frontier Associates merged and joined Frontier Energy.

  • 2019

    Over two decades, Energy Insight gained 30 employees, saved 30+ utilities and 10,000+ customers across Minnesota 75 million kWh annually, and expanded throughout the United States In 2019, Energy Insight was acquired by Frontier Energy.


  • Present

    The Frontier Energy New York office is a well-known industry leader in field monitoring and verification of emerging energy technologies.

  • Present

    As part of Frontier’s Commercial and Industrial Division, the Minnesota team continues to deliver cutting-edge energy efficiency services to utility clients and private customers every day.