Water Efficiency

Our Water Efficiency Services

  • Program design & implementation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Market research & analysis
  • Water use assessment & forecasting
  • Product performance analysis
  • Technical assistance

Efficiency PAYS®

BKi led the design and implementation of the innovative Pay-As-You-Save® approach to achieving water savings through on-bill financing of efficiency measures such as low-flow toilets, weather-based irrigation controllers, and drought-tolerant landscape conversion. The PAYS® model is designed to ensure that participants save more than they pay for program measures.

BKi continues to lead implementation of PAYS in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Green Hayward PAYS program launched in August 2015, while East Bay Municipal Utility District will begin developing a larger-scale PAYS program in 2016.

Savings after Upgrade PAYS for Upgrade Costs

PAYS® and Pay-As-You-Save® are registered trademarks of our partner, EEI. 

Efficiency PAYS program overview

Pilot Program
A pilot program for the Town of Windsor served approximately 200 single family residences and 225 multifamily units in nine months. Single family participants achieved an average of 10% energy savings, 20% indoor water savings, and $170 in net bill utility savings a year.

Program participation exceeded that of Windsor’s other water conservation programs, and for the first time secured the participation of multifamily properties in water conservation efforts.

Windsor Case Study

WaterGenius Challenge

With funding from a Santa Clara Valley Water District innovations grant, BKi designed and implemented a unique employee engagement contest to promote water savings at home.

The 2015 Challenge was hosted by Silicon Valley companies eBay and VMware. BKi also joined in. Within each company, a dedicated WaterGenius dashboard recorded the water saving actions and home improvement projects of participating employees, and awarded them points based on their achievements. Each company set an overall water savings goal and offered prizes and rewards to participating employees.

By contest end, 431 employees had completed 53 water saving projects and taken 3,460 water saving actions—all of which added up to over 1.6 million gallons of water saved.

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How It Works

The contest used BKi’s free online tool WaterGenius, which provided employees with a menu of water-saving actions and projects. Actions focused on water use changes that anyone could make, whether living in their own home or in an apartment. For projects, WaterGenius included customized cost and savings estimates for home improvements such as installing water efficient fixtures, appliances, and landscaping. Links to available rebates— another WaterGenius benefit—were also featured.

The Drought Tolerant Handbook

Drought tolerant landscaping is a key element of the Green Building Program that was adopted by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in November 2008.

BKi supported this local government initiative by leading the design and production of The Drought Tolerant Garden Handbook— a guide to educate LA County communities in how to create gardens that require little or no irrigation.

The Handbook has proven to be a popular resource since its publication in 2012. It provides a wealth of practical information and visual inspiration (photos, charts, sample garden plans, etc.) for gardeners and landscapers in the climate zones of LA County.

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Bay Area Regional Drought Relief
Conservation Program

BKi is working with StopWaste.org and other Bay Area agencies on the Bay Area Regional Drought Relief Conservation Program, which received funding under the Integrated Regional Water Management Grant Program (California Proposition 84), administered by the Department of Water Resources.

The program encompasses water-saving measures such as lawn conversions and the installation of high-efficiency toilets and washers. A significant marketing and outreach effort will inform residents and property owners about available measures and rebates, and encourage their participation.

BKi will provide invoicing, data tracking, quality assurance, reporting, and other administrative services to help ensure the program’s success.

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The Bay Area Integrated Regional Water Management Plan, a nine-county effort, will inform future water resources planning to enhance water supply reliability and protect the health of the San Francisco Bay.