Outreach and Advertising

BKi’s outreach and advertising efforts engage hundreds of thousands of people every year through social media, events, and printed materials. Award-winning social media campaigns broke new ground by associating hydrogen-powered cars with feelings of freedom, simplicity, hopefulness, and fun. Webinars about plug-in vehicles and charging attract more than 100 people every month, who then take action to increase PEV infrastructure. From cross-country road tours to local ride and drives to press conferences for elected leaders, BKi staff’s experience, thoroughness, and understated style make for smooth events that satisfy the needs of a variety of audiences. Examples of our work include:

Press event for the U.S. Department of Energy

Press event for the U.S. Department of Energy

Mary's Valley Rally

Mary’s Valley Rally

Social media "Go" campaign

Social media “Go” campaign

PEV charging explained

PEV charging explained

California Fuel Cell Partnership

California Fuel Cell PartnershipCaFCP is a public/private collaborative formed in 1999 to bring fuel cell vehicles powered by hydrogen to the commercial market. Since 2000, BKi has provided staffing and management for the organization’s activities and its showcase headquarters in West Sacramento. BKi provides 12 full-time staff, including the organization’s Executive Director, to carry out the annual program plan. Recent projects include:

  • Planning and coordinating the roll out of hydrogen stations and fuel cell vehicles in California
  • Conducting training workshops for first responders, permitting agencies, and city officials
  • Participating and leading development of hydrogen codes and standards
  • Creating education and outreach materials, including award-winning social media
  • Coordinating and participating in events, including ride & drives, auto shows, trade conferences, and community festivals
  • Conducting outreach and education with California legislators
  • Facilitating the International Fuel Cell Bus Program
  • Developing a real-time station status system for hydrogen station operators and FCEV drivers
CaFCP members:
Air Liquide, AC Transit, AFCC, BAE Systems, Ballard, Bay Area AQMD, California Air Resources Board, California Division of Measurement Standards, California Energy Commission, CalState LA, CALSTART, CEERT, CTE, Daimler, Energy Independence Now, FirstElement Fuel, GM, Honda, Hydrogenics, Hyundai, ITS-UC Davis, ITM Power, Linde, NFCRC-UC Irvine, NREL, Nissan, Office of Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr., Sandia National Labs, South Coast AQMD, Southern California Gas Company, SunLine Transit, Toyota, US Department of Energy, US Environmental Protection Agency, UC Berkeley, US Hybrid, Volkswagen

Hydrogen Station Status

The hydrogen station network is small, but growing. Early fuel cell electric vehicle drivers need to know that a hydrogen station is operating and has fuel before driving to a station to fill up. BKi staff working for the California Fuel Cell Partnership developed an application that provides this information. The Station Operational Status System (SOSS) is an open-source, online database that monitors and reports the status of hydrogen stations. It’s deployed at all California hydrogen stations, and will become available in the northeastern United States. Canadian stations are also starting to use the software.

Stations send a status update to the SOSS database about every 15 minutes. These updates are immediately forwarded to front-end systems, including the CaFCP station map, a mobile website, and onboard applications in the automakers’ fuel cell electric vehicles. Making this information readily available has proven to be extremely popular with FCEV drivers.

ZEV  Readiness

Bringing zero-emission vehicles to market requires careful coordination among many stakeholders. BKi works with industry and government to identify and engage stakeholders. Solutions to overcome barriers and facilitate deployment are developed through collaborative efforts and sharing of information. Examples of our work include:

  • The National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Emergency Response Training Resource, developed in conjunction with Pacific Northwest National Labs, to provide online hydrogen training for fire and permitting officials.
  • H2Readiness, a guidebook and website for communities developed under a Clean Cities grant.
  • Design and production of the Hydrogen Station Permitting Guidebook, published by the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development
  • Community Readiness, a program funded by South Coast AQMD and the California Energy Commission to increase the adoption of hydrogen stations in the four-county SCAQMD region
  • A market dissemination project aimed at owners of apartment buildings, condos, and other multifamily dwellings to increase the adoption of charging stations for plug-in electric vehicles
Emergency Responder Training 2014

Emergency Responder Training 2014

Permitting Workshop 2014

Permitting Workshop 2014

Plug-In Electric Vehicle Collaborative

BKi planned a series of monthly webinars for the PEV Collaborative, and followed each webinar with an article or infographic so the information could be shared through newsletters and websites. Webinar attendance surpassed objectives. Interest in the follow-on content tripled traffic to the organization’s website. BKi staff brought a fresh perspective to the webinars by adding interviews, panel discussions, and Q&A, and by targeting new demographics to expand the reach of the PEV Collaborative.

Read the articles and infographics:

Good Will Charging – How to Effectively Share EV Chargers 

CALGreen Codes at a Glance

A Profusion of Solutions for EV Charging

Plug-in Electric Vehicles 101

Small Businesses – Drivers for Electric Vehicle Charging Growth

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Northern California Center for Alternative Transportation Fuels and Advanced Vehicle Technologies (NorthCAT) provides a physical and advanced internet-worked location for education, training, demonstration, and deployment of alternative transportation fuels and advanced vehicle technologies in Northern California. BKi operates the Sacramento-area physical location and provides marketing support for NorthCAT partners. All four of the NorthCAT centers—San Jose, Berkeley, Sacramento, and Humboldt—are available to host alternative fuel and vehicle-related meetings and events.

NorthCAT logo
NorthCAT partners:
University of California – Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Humboldt State University, CTE, Prospect Silicon Valley, BKi, Bay Area Air Quality Management District, CalCharge.

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Natural Gas Vehicle Roadmap

For the California Energy Commission’s Public Interest Energy Research program, BKi developed the Natural Gas Vehicle Research Roadmap. To create the NGVRR, BKi solicited input through an in-person workshop and a series of one-on-one interviews. The NGVRR presented a composite of the most needed, major natural gas vehicle‐related research, development, demonstration, and deployment activities and their sequencing to increase the number of natural gas vehicles on the road in California.

Natural gas truck