Energy Supply and Storage

Our Energy Supply and Storage Services

  • Technology status & economics reports
  • Project management support
  • Design decision case studies
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Outreach & education
  • Policy development

Hydrogen Energy Storage Use Case

For the California Energy Commission, BKi is examining the potential of grid-connected electrolyzers to produce hydrogen (H2) for energy storage. The flexibility of hydrogen offers opportunities for reducing greenhouse gases in several sectors, as well as accommodating high rates of renewables and balancing the grid. In particular, stored hydrogen can be used for clean transportation, in industrial processes to replace hydrogen from fossil fuels, or blended into natural gas to lower its carbon footprint.

hydrogen-end-use-schematicThis work will help guide hydrogen’s future as California transforms its energy and transportation infrastructure to meet greenhouse gas reduction goals.

EPRI’s Fossil Fleet for Tomorrow

BKi has been a key research, management, and communications contractor to the Electric Power Research Institute’s Fossil Fleet for Tomorrow program since its launch in 2004 (as CoalFleet for Tomorrow). The program has been a locus of power industry collaborative research on the next generation of fossil power plants, which promise superior efficiency, near-zero emissions, reduced water consumption, and CO2 capture capability. Our work for EPRI includes:

  • Serving as the principal investigator on engineering-economic, design guideline, and GHG life-cycle assessment reports.
  • Writing technology issue/R&D project opportunity summaries and position papers.
  • Organizing strategic planning sessions on EPRI R&D programs for advanced coal power systems with CCS.
  • Organizing and running 20 technical meetings and advanced fossil power and CCS-related facilities tours.

Night shot of drill rig Plant BarryWe helped EPRI publicize a CCS technology milestone with articles in Power Engineering Magazine on CO2 capture and CO2 transport and storage.

BKi helped research and draft a white paper and the follow-on report: Advanced Coal Power Systems with CO2 Capture: EPRI’s CoalFleet for Tomorrow® Vision 2011 Update.


From 2003 to 2014, BKi served as a technical, management, and communications contractor to the California Energy Commission for the West Coast Regional Carbon Sequestration Partnership project. With a budget of approximately $60 million, the 100-member WESTCARB collaborative worked to identify and validate the best geologic and terrestrial carbon storage options in western North America. In the realm of project communications, BKi developed and implemented strategies for stakeholder engagement and public outreach.

We co-led community outreach campaigns for two geologic characterization wells, and organized and ran the Partnership’s annual business meetings. Other activities included science teacher workshops on climate change and CCS, presentations before civic groups and at informational workshops, and media interviews. We also created and staffed exhibit booths and made presentations at technical conferences and DOE’s program review meetings. Collaborative work in support of DOE/NETL’s overarching carbon storage program included contributions to best practices manuals and other publications, including NETL’s 2012 United States Carbon Utilization and Storage Atlas.

CCS for Natural Gas Power Plants

From 2010 to 2013, BKi supported for an engineering-economic study of CCS on natural gas combined cycle (NGCC) plants, funded by the U.S. Department of Energy and the California Energy Commission. Our role in the study included:

  • Developing the technical requirements for an RFP to hire a full-service engineering firm to screen technology options and model cost and performance.
  • Tabulating California NGCC plant design and operating data.
  • Facilitating a Project Advisory Committee to identify industry-relevant data and refine the study’s scope.
  • Reviewing draft design criteria and equipment configurations, heat and mass balances, performance assessments, cost estimates, and sensitivity analyses.

design-challenges-slide-webBKi presented project findings at meetings and conferences, including at the 2013 Cleantech Conference & Showcase.

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Support for CCS Policy Development

On numerous occasions, BKi has summarized the development status and technical and economic performance of carbon capture and storage (CCS) for policy makers in Washington D.C. and California. On behalf of the Electric Power Research Institute, we edited testimony for the U.S. Congress on the RD&D needs for advanced coal power systems with CCS on five occasions between 2007 and 2011.

In 2010, we served on the Technical Advisory Committee to the California Carbon Capture and Storage Review Panel, an expert group that developed recommendations to guide state agencies in addressing permitting and regulatory barriers for CCS projects. BKi contributed to background materials and edited the Panel’s Recommendations and Background Report. We have organized workshops on carbon capture and storage for the California Energy Commission and provided input on CCS to the biennial Integrated Energy Policy Report (IEPR).

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California capitol buildingBKi’s Rich Myhre served as a principal author of the 2008 California Energy Commission report, Geologic Carbon Sequestration Strategies for California: Report to the Legislature (also known as the AB 1925 report).
RegTIP-webBKi led the development of WESTCARB’s Regional Technology Implementation Plan – a status assessment of CCS in the WESTCARB region.