Our team builds on a 35-year track record of creating innovative market-driven consulting and software solutions for energy, water, and transportation. We take a customer-centric approach and have delivered hundreds of successful projects tailored to the needs of our clients.

Through collaboration and mutual support, we encourage employees to be passionate about their work and grow professionally. Our entrepreneurial spirit allows us to spot trends, take risks, and respond quickly to bring transformative innovations to market.

Our Values

  • Focus on quality work products and client satisfaction.
  • Make a positive impact in our community and the world.
  • Live a culture of collaboration.
  • Respect every idea, team member, and stakeholder.
  • Take time every day to enjoy the people around you.

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BKi is a certified Green Business in the City of Los Angeles

Our Commitment to Staff Development

BKi is a tight-knit company, where the contributions of every employee are valued. Having a long and varied career here is not unusual. The innovative nature of our work inherently generates opportunities that motivate employees—opportunities to expand their talents and make a positive difference in the world. Management’s support for professional development helps shape stimulating and rewarding careers.

“BKi has given me the opportunity to develop my professional skills both in depth and in breadth. Starting as a program consultant with a focus on project processing, I’ve grown to leading a program, and in the process have contributed to all stages of its lifecycle, from design and implementation to reporting and evaluation. In addition to client driven-growth, I’ve been entrusted with the management responsibilities of personnel, budgets, and client relationships. BKi and its remarkable team have supported my development and helped me go beyond what I thought myself capable of achieving.”
Drew Brauer, Senior Program Consultant

“Since joining BKi as a junior consultant in 2005, I have been engaged in diverse technical fuel cell vehicle projects within BKi Transportation. From creating databases and facilitating industry expert forums to chairing a national fueling standard development committee and managing vehicle rollout strategy development, I have been given opportunities with varying levels of responsibility to pursue my interests, learn daily, and grow professionally.”
Nico Bouwkamp, Technical Program Manager

“Starting from a position as junior consultant at BKi, I have been provided with opportunities that enabled me to advance into a senior leadership role. At BKi, you own your development, and I now manage multiple projects, budgets, and a large team. BKi is a company where you can have a positive impact on the world through work that helps transform energy and water use. I have been encouraged to grow professionally and have been supported in my work/life integration.”
Lacey Tan, Program Manager

“I joined BKi in 2003, as a communications specialist in event coordination for the California Fuel Cell Partnership. I play an integral role in a variety of fuel cell vehicle and hydrogen infrastructure projects. Starting with community outreach events, I soon became responsible for handling logistics for multiple cross-country tours, a presidential visit, a gubernatorial inaugural event, and hydrogen-related ribbon cutting events. Because of my experience, many automakers trust me with their commercial, demonstration, and prototype vehicles, a status accorded to few outside automaker circles. I am gratified by the opportunities that BKi has given me to grow professionally and personally.”
Juan Contreras, Event Coordinator


BKi was founded in Oakland, California, in 1981 by Oreste Bevilacqua and Bob Knight. The company has grown to 50 employees and added offices in Los Angeles and West Sacramento. In 2016, BKi was acquired by GTI International (GTII), a subsidiary of Gas Technology Institute (GTI).

Facilitating collaborative teams to speed the development and introduction of new technology has been a BKi hallmark across the company’s 35 years. Notable early achievements include importing electric vans from England for one of the first fleet trials of modern EV technology, developing PC-based software for estimating the utility and societal benefits of power industry R&D, and training contractors for whole house residential energy efficiency analyses.

Today, we work chiefly on energy and water efficiency programs, advanced power plants with CO2 capture, and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Throughout all the changes, Reste and Bob’s formula of stakeholder engagement and collaborative research to bring environmentally beneficial technologies to market has remained valid and continues to define BKi’s mission of Moving Innovations Into Action.


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